“Priceless” Survivor Poem

At our most recent “Priceless” movie screening, our board member and survivor Maribeth shared a poem about her experience. We got her permission to share it here as well. May it encourage and inspire you. Helping survivors find courage, healing and restoration is why organizations like Restoring Oaks exists. Thank you, Maribeth for your courage!

Priceless: by Maribeth

My life was shattered into so many pieces
that seemed impossible to gather.
I was blind to any help
and just kept experiencing more pain.
I traveled deeper into the abyss of drugs and abuse.
My body no longer belonged to me
but instead to my worst enemy.
It was easier to give into the world of body compromisation
then to escape it.
I saw no light at all and just continued to fall.
Without my knowledge there was a power much bigger than me
guiding me back to life and out of death.

This power of prayer gave me the ability to start my climb
out of the abyss until it eventually didn’t exist.
I finally grabbed onto the rope that God had provided
and was able to finally attack that life like Giant.
I no longer had to use to escape my pain
and my body no longer had to be a slave to Men who desired it.
I realized my body is not for sale
and worth more money than could ever be given.
I am a precious child of God bought by the biggest Price ever
given the offer of Jesus Christ life that was given up for me.
Christ paid the ultimate price for me and now I am truly priceless
and so are you!

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