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Top of the Lake Coffee Partnership

We are excited to partner with Top of the Lake Coffee House because of the work they do to care for farmers in Guatemala and give them the wages and support they deserve for their hard work. When you order on their page (or by clicking the buttons below), you’ll receive freshly roasted specialty coffee from Top of the Lake Coffee Roasters and Restoring Oaks will receive funds to support their important initiatives working against human trafficking.

Your coffee will be custom roasted within 5 days of your order and shipped directly to your door (Do you have questions about the coffee? Send an email to to learn more).

La Voz Organic Guatemala

La Voz is a cooperatively managed farmer group with roughly 161 members, of which 61 are women who sort coffee cherries when coffee is delivered. The associate farmers produce coffee on small plots of land (1-2 hectares each) that are individually owned and maintained. Ripened coffee is harvested by family members and other coop associates. This fine coffee is grown on the steep slopes around and above the village of San Juan la Laguna, Solola, Guatemala.

Cupping notes: Tart, sweet and clean; green apple, green grape, chocolate.
Tres Nietos Organic Mexico

Tres Nietos is grown at high altitude (humidity too!) in the Canada region of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Notes of Sweet fruit, rich, smooth, clean, crisp, complex, juicy, cocoa.

Ships to you in a 12 ounce package.
Casa Flor Ixcaco Dark Blend

Light chocolate, citrus, slight caramel, bright finish. Dark Roasted.

Classic Dark Guatemala Blend. – combining organic coffee from Guatemala with coffees from South America and Asia.

Ships to you in a 12 ounce package.
Coati Medium Roast
Sweet, smooth chocolate, light citrus finish. 12 Ounces.

Our Coati Blend combines organic coffee from Guatemala with a high altitude grown coffee from Colombia for a smooth and pleasant start to your morning (or afternoon!).
Decaf Guatemalan (Swiss Water Process)
Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated Coffee.
The Swiss Water Process is 100% chemical free and is the only truly organic decaffeination process.
Shipped to you the first Monday of each month in a 12 ounce bag.